Foo Fighters Wasting Light Review

I had been looking forward to this release for many months as it had all the hallmarks of what could be a great rock album. Pat Smear returning to the band, Krist Novoselic guesting, Butch Vig producing, and even being recorded on analog tape in Dave Grohl’s garage. Wasting Light doesn’t disappoint on any of these, but it isn’t the Foo’s best album to date as some have claimed.

What it is is simply a rock album in 2011. Whoa, let’s think about that for a minute. An actual rock album? Now? What the…? If you don’t believe me just check out “White Limo” or its hysterical VHS-filmed video

Unfortunately some of the dreaded Foo album curse appears (On almost every Foo album the tracks 3/4s of the way through are a bit filler-y, here it’s Side C) Still, it rocks hard.

Comparing the CD and Vinyl release isn’t as different as you would think. The CD is actually pretty well done for a modern release. I had hoped that the all-analog in the garage concept would have carried over to all stages of the mastering, but  for a 2011 release it sounds unbelievably good. There is air and depth around the recordings and you can hear how all the instruments were cut together, especially the drums. All in all, not bad. A great CD for today that should have been a bit better.

Then we come to the vinyl release.

A few simple words. 180gram. 2LP. 45RPM.

I was just kidding about the CD and Vinyl being similar. The vinyl freaking rocks! Wow. Opening this puppy up presented full artwork, dead quiet and clean vinyl, heavy sleeves with the albums themselves in a separate rice paper plain sleeve. This has to go down as a the single best brand new vinyl release I have ever come across when it comes to how the media is protected and displayed.

Getting these on the platter is so much fun that you really don’t want to take them off again. the side breaks are well done and fitting.

The definitive way to hear/experience this album and a steal at under $20.

Wasting Light gets a strong 3.75 out of 5 stars. Highly Recommended.

The Album carries a Ziggy-style “Please Play at Maximum Volume” statement. Please comply with this.

More Foo Fighters reviews to come.

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