Declaration of Principles

Yes-If you are asking -this is from Citizen Kane. What this blog is here to do is provide an outlet for my opinionated and out there critical opinions in film, music, and other media.

Figured there should be a kind of statement for starting this blog. And I’m not going down the road Charlie did.

Films are reviewed on a 4 point scale. The rough breakdown is as follows:

Zero Stars-Trash to be avoided.

.5 to 1 star-just above garbage level.

1.5 stars-near good.

2 stars-good.

2.5 stars-near great.

3 stars-great.

3.5 stars-very well done, but not quite groundbreaking.

4 stars-Outright masterwork, classic, stunning, brilliant, generally surprising, astonishing, and any other words that can be used to describe such a thing.

Albums are on a 4 point scale. I find that music can sometimes be a bit more subjective than films.

Generally a 3.0 means the record is good, 3.5 is really good, 4.0 is great, 4.5 near classic and a perfect 5.0 is given only to life changing music. Below a 3.0 means you should probably stay away unless you’re really a big fan of that particular artist.

Also: I intend on noting the specific versions of things I review so the discussion thread on each posting is open to discussing both the merits of the particular topic and the various editions and pressings. For music reviews I will probably use decimals on this four point scale. I’ve found albums can vary a bit more than films.

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