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INXS: Self-titled (1980)

Imagine a New Wave album from Australia. You’d think that’s all this would be and that you’d only get through a few minutes.


What is contained on INXS’s debut album is really a blueprint or loose formation of what their sound later became on their breakthrough records in the later 80’s. While not the most daring or inventive of albums it;s really one that grooves to the end with no real filler. It’s a formative album plain and simple. The things fans came to love begin to take shape and the amount of their later sound present is surprising. Sadly, this is one of the successful 80’s acts that fell by the commercial wayside needlessly.

A good, solid 3.0 out of 5. Recommended for big INXS fans who are wanting more. Casual listeners should try other INXS albums first.

Edition: The album is now out of print. My review copy was a stock US ATCO pressed LP that was nice and punchy in the right places. I don’t think the single CD release from 1990 will beat it.

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