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Album review-JET Get Born (2003)

Album: Get Born

Artist: Jet

Editions reviewed: CD, Rhino 180 gram vinyl

The key word for this record is “fun”. Jet was heavily criticized for perhaps lifting too much of their sound from other bands-everyone from the Stones, AC/DC, Iggy Pop,  and the list goes on.

But what art is completely original? The thing to do when listening to this album is to simply chuck all of that out the window. Once that has been achieved, take a look at Get Born.

The album consistently rocks and holds up even in the almost obligatory ballads. The hit singles “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and “Cold Hard Bitch” aren’t the only uptempo tracks. Sequencing ins pretty well split between these and the slower moodier pieces. These convalesce into the penultimate track “Lazy Gun” which then leads into the simple closer “Timothy”.

Unfortunately, this seems like a direction that the band wasn’t interested in following. The harder edge of this album was absent on their later efforts Shine On and Shaka Rock. I actually saw them play with The Vines in support of this album, and they rocked even harder. It would be nice to see a more heartfelt followup to Get Born.

The original CD wasn’t really anything to write home about. The mastering is up front, compressed and not very detailed. The Rhino vinyl I found on improves in these areas to a small degree. The detail has been increased, and there is more breathing room for the music. The vinyl itself is 180 gram heavyweight, and comes packaged in a card stock sleeve inside the jacket. There was a limited vinyl release in the UK at the time of the album’s release. That particular edition is pressed on two white LPs and is said to have much better sound fidelity and mastering than either of these. Currently it is out of print, so the Rhino is the way to go to hear this album. Both CD and Vinyl are just above $10, so the vinyl is an easy recommendation.

And did I mention that Billy Preston plays on this album?

At the end of the day a strong 3.5 out of 5. Recommended as an Essential 2000’s album.

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